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0/5 on August 16, 2017

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  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Bagless and powerful suction technology.
  • High quality cleaning performance on any surface both hard and soft.
  • You can easily clean the filter.
  • Anti allergen technology
  • Very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Extra long crevice tool.



  • Short flexible hose
  • Dust can capacity is less
  • Narrow cleaning path



Despite a few disadvantage, the Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Pro upright vacuum came out strong pet vacuum after our analysis.

Thanks to its all-purpose design, hair pickup and anti allergen technology.we’d recommend you to use the vacuum in large homes with pets. You not only appreciate for proficient cleaning, also the device’s long power cord and easy-to-empty dust cup.

Here;s Shark nv356e review for helping you to buy best vacuum cleaner. The shark nv356e  is a great performance 1100 Watts upright vacuum that is designed for hard floors like carpet.

shark nv356e review


The cyclonic technology with ‘no lose’ suction,picks up dust and dirt which are kept in fixed motion instead of being thrown directly into a filter.

The most beneficial things is that the large dust cup is fully air-tide so the only escape for the air is through the HEPA filter. This assure that 99.99% of the dust stays in the vacuum also with almost all allergens.This extra benefit makes it one of the best cleaners among the all pet vacuums. The dust cup section and filter also lifts away from the floor unit that can help gives you perfect cleaning for stairs and upholstery.

Lightweight Vacuum :

Cleaning with a weighty vacuum cleaner is not only boring but also takes a lot of your time. Moving around different parts of the house is easy with this cleaner. You won’t even perceive a nip of the weight of this vacuum.

Swivel Steering (Shark-nv356e-review):

This vacuum cleaner has a swivel steering for better maneuverability.  So you can easily move it at different places. Clean with this vacuum is very easy and simple as you can overcome the obstacles along your ways.

Extra-Long Crevice Tool:

shark nv356e review

You never face any problem reaching difficult areas  if you buy this vacuum.

It is has a long crevice tool which will make it very easy to clean close fitting corners and others areas where you cannot reach without a crevice tool.

Strong Suction (shark-nv356e-review):

From the shark nv356e reviewHere’s a customer speech about the suction power of shark nv356e.

I had formerly bought a vacuum cleaner that would pick and then spread the dirt on the floor. This greatly discouraged me from using the cleaner. When2 I got this Shark vacuum cleaner, I’m proud of its strong suction that lifts every particle on the floor or carpet.

The machine doesn’t lose suction. It provides a consistent cleaning power hence giving you the best time when you are cleaning your house.

Anti-Allergen Technology-shark nv356e review:

This is another excellent thing that makes you love this vacuum cleaner. Shark nv356e makes you sure that your house is clean and free from any allergens when you will clean with this mvacuum.

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