Ecovacs Deebot n78

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0/5 on August 23, 2017

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  • The cleaning system of ecovacs deebot n78 is outstanding. You can get rid of all kinds of dirt and pet hair.
  • 3 stage cleaning system and the centered vacuum do a great job together
  • Mopping up system works well.
  • It has also side brush for cleaning the edge.


  • he daily timer is convenient however ought to have a lot of choices. associate degree each different day cleansingschedule choice would be a pleasant issue to own.
  •  once the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 runs over a wet space, the tires have an inclination to stall owing to a scarcity of friction to the ground.


The ecovacs deebot n78 is a affordable  robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping combination. It does a great work on hard floors, but it is not so powerful for carpets and rugs.

The Ecovacs Deebot n78 vacuum cleaner is more powerful for day-to-day cleaning in the home. It doesn’t make huge noise and you can comfortably watch TV or have a phone conversation while the Ecovacs Deebot n78 does its work. Its performance however,can be a little bit distracting when its charge comes close, but nowhere near to be annoying. You can simply remove and empty the dust jar. You can also conveniently clean the 3 available filters and the brushes.

Features of Ecovacs Deebot n78:

Tangle-free suction suitable for animal lovers:

ecovacs deebot n78It is the perfect vacuum who has pet in house.DN78 cleans effectively with “direct suction” so both human and pet hair is sucked up directly into the dust container without matting. The ecovacs deebot n78 has two side brushes which do the sweeping. It has no central counter-rotating brush. Its side brushes pick up the dust towards the brush-less vacuum port where it is vacuumed into the dust jar. The capacity of dust bin is a 500 milliliter.

Multi-Stage Cleaning with Additional Mop & Water tank:

With double side brushes, solid suction and also an optional mop, DN78 can sweep, vacuum as well as mop your flooring’s in a single pass.Just attach the washable/reusable microfiber cleaning towel to the water container as well as go.

Automatic Charging System:

ecovacs deebot n78The ecovacs deebot n78 returns to the charging station when its battery becomes low. The maximum cleaning time per charge is almost 2 hours.(best performance 90 minutes). However, it might not be able to find its way back if the charging station remains out of its signal.(usally is in a different room). It can recharge its battery automatically in near about 5 hours, but does not resume cleaning.

Best to get rid of pet hair:

It can suck up the almost unseen layer of hair that pets like to leave lying around the house. It will also pick up the small pieces of cat litter that seems to escape the confines of the litter tray.

Reach every corner of the house:

ecovacs deebot n78Ecovacs deebot n78 can reach everywhere of the house. It is designed with anti-drop sensors that can detect a drop-off. If the robot realizes a drop-off, it reverses channel and selects a new cleaning path. So don’t be warry, it can clean up to and around stairs without the risk of falling. It can also clean up under the table chair even under dressing table without bumping.

Low Noisy:

The producer company said that its noise level is 58 db. It is almost the same to running air conditioner or an air purifier’s noise level. You can easily watch tv or conversation over phone when it is running.

Remote control system:

ecovacs deebot n78DN78 comes with a remote control system. You can control it from far away with the remote. You can on-off, pause and manage the direction from distance.

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